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Thanks for visiting ! I hope you can learn a few things about the injection mold and plastics part molding if you are involved in this industry too.Please feel free to contact me at or posts your comments  in the forum  and I would be glad to answer any questions regarding the injection mold design,mold making,molded plastics part design,injection mold troubleshooting and CNC machining.

Please note also some of the articles was incomplete, for example, just a title or menu listed without the detailed content, the reason for that is they needed to be revised  and has not been published yet.

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  • All the technical articles in the section of “Mold Design Reference Info” was a summarizing of mold making guide from local good moldmakers  with incorporating of my past working experience in the field of CNC Machining,Injection Mold Design,Mold Making and Injection Mold Project Management. It was used daily in my work, I am sure that  It can help you too.
  • All the technical articles in the section of “Typical Design & Mechanism” was the real injection mold building project and they were encountered in the real working field, it can’t be found in any text book of injection mold making or the training course. It can be very useful in specific case when a similar structure or mechanism  can be employed.
  • Sometimes when one problem was encountered and settled successfully, It was  posted  here and can be shared with all the visitors. Some of them was costly lessons learnt from the past mold project and many times of mold trial/sampling, some of them was a skill that can help you in similar case. Of course you are welcome to post your “lesson” or skill here and share with others.

D-M-E 2000 (Rev. 1-12-99) Catálogo Digital – disponível para download ou por pedido directo de CD à D-M-E portuguesa

Hasco (Digital Catalogue 1/2000) – disponível por pedido directo de CD à Hasco portuguesa ou através do endereço

Cumsa – catálogo de acessórios para moldes – disponível para download no endereço

Strack Normalien – disponível para download no endereço

Catalogues électroniques du Groupe Rabourdin – disponível para download no endereço

CAD Springs – Molas utilizadas em moldes – software de cálculo para escolha de molas – disponível para download no endereço

NSK Bearing Selection System – Selecção de rolamentos utilizados em moldes – disponível para download em

Para obter mais informações técnicas sobre os temas apresentados pode consultar, entre outros, os seguintes catálogos electrónicos:

Está disponível para consulta um artigo de referência com a numeração e designação dos diferentes componentes de moldes para matérias plásticas.